Okay. Here's the deal. You want to get in touch with me. I can appreciate that.

The trouble is this. A lot of people have been sending me messages lately. While this makes me happy, it also uses a lot of my time. Time that I should really be using to write more books. Some days I spend more time answering e-mail than I end up writing...

My editor has made this clear to me in no uncertain terms that she will kick my ass if this continues.

Now I don't want to keep you from writing to me. Seriously. If you want to send me a note telling me you like the book, feel free. I love it. It gives me a warm fuzzy. Hell, even if you want to tell me the book sucks... that works too. I can enjoy criticism too. Barring that, my frothy rage at your hideous ignorance could help fuel a very productive writing jag.

But if what you REALLY want is answers to your questions. Look here first.  

If you can't find the answers you want in this FAQ, then why don't you check out the BLOG? I talk about a lot of stuff there.  

Or why not have a read through a few of the interviews I've done? Most of them are in Question-and-Answer format, and I've done a LOT of them, answering hundreds of questions about everything from my writing habits to what I would do if I was offered unlimited free monkeys. Odds are good that your question has already been asked, and I've answered it in great detail.    


When will book 3 be out? 

Rest assured, as I promised for book 2, when there is news about book 3, I will pass it along.  I don’t glean joy from withholding information; when there’s news, I’ll tell you.

Why is my translation of your book split into multiple volumes? 

The short answer is that different translations are different sizes.  The long answer is here in this blog post.

Can you give me some recommendations for good things to read?

A while back I started semi-regular series of blogs that set out to answer the question: "What should I do until your next book comes out?"

Sometimes I talk about movies, or TV shows, or webcomics. But mostly I talk about books and authors. There have been quite a few installments of "What should I do?" and you can find them all if you click on the "recommendations" keyword on the blog.

Or you can just follow this link. Or this one.

If I send you my book, will you sign it?

Currently this is on hold. If you'd like to purchase a new signed copy, you can grab them over at Worldbuilders Market.

Do you have any plans to do a book signing/reading in [insert name of town here]?

Whenever I make plans for any sort of public appearance, I post it up on the Tour Schedule page. So if you peek over there, you can see if I'm coming to your neck of the woods any time soon.

If you’re a Facebook friend, you can also check out my Facebook events page.

If you'd like me to come to your local bookstore for a reading or a signing, you should probably mention it to the bookstore owner or manager. I've had several readings and signings that happened because one person started the ball rolling by talking to the local library or bookstore.

Will you come to our convention/reading group/conference/bookstore?

Maybe. If you're willing to pay travel expenses and something for my time, then the answer becomes something closer to "Maybe yes." A lot depends on my schedule, the event itself, and how close you are to where I live.

The truth is, I love doing readings, signings, and workshops about writing. But there are only so many days in the year, so I'm having to be more careful about guarding the time I need for writing.

So for bookstore signings library appearances, and conventions, drop me a note through the contact form.

Do you have a Facebook Account?

Facebook has given us a fancy new widget that shows the sexy Fanpage....
Or you can just use this good old-fashioned link to get there.

I want to be a writer. (Or, I want to be a better writer.) Can you give me some advice?

I love talking about writing. And I like to give advice. And I know what it's like to not have any professional writer friends to get answers from. Because of this. I've started a series of blogs called “Ask the Author” where I answer people's questions about writing and publishing.  There’s also a series of blogs called “The Craft of Writing” which gives advice and anecdotes about writing.

I also talk about writing a lot in the interviews I've given. So you might want to browse through the blogs and interviews before you send me a question. Odds are I've already answered it. Maybe even answered it two or three times in different ways.

Will you read my book? Will you show my book to your publisher? Will you introduce me to your agent? Will you give me a footrub? 

Probably not. It's not that I don't want to do any of these things. I don't doubt that many of you have lovely feet. It's just a matter of time. I'm very busy lately, and if I give a footrub to everyone who asked, I'd never get around to finishing any more books. Then I would eventually starve to death. You don't want me to starve to death, do you? 

Yeah. Me neither.

Where can I buy a copy of your book, Kingkiller Chronicle themed shirts, and/or other cool awesomeness? 

Our online store, Worldbuilders Market, is full of all that cool stuff, plus some foreign editions of other authors’ books.  All proceeds from the store go to Worldbuilders.

What is Worldbuilders?

Worldbuilders is our annual fundraiser for Heifer International. For more information, head on over to the Worldbuilders website.

Can I send you a link to something cool that I think you would like to look at?

Yup. I like cool stuff.

Will you post my link on your blog and help me spread the word about X?

Probably not.

Are you on Goodreads?

Yup. I'm all the time reading and talking about books over there.

Are you going to be at convention X? It isn't on the tour schedule page of your website…

Most of my appearances are listed on my Tour Schedule page months ahead of time.

Fair warning though, sometimes I schedule things on the spur of the moment, only a week or two in advance. When that happens, I typically announce things on my blog and mention them on Facebook or Twitter.

You're on Twitter?

No. I was just kidding about Twitter.

Will you mention my charity event on your blog?

The problem is, since I do my own fundraiser, people know I'm pro-charity and pro-making the world a better place.

I'm fine with that, but that means a lot of people contact me, asking me to mention their charity/cause/fundraiser on my blog. I think I've had three this week. If I mentioned a fraction of them, I'd still end up doing a charity announcement every other week or so.

And while that by itself wouldn't be a bad thing, I know people would get fed up with it on the blog. So they'd stop reading. In addition, the more charities I mentioned, the more people would ask me to post things. Eventually this would spiral out of control until the blog had no readers, and was nothing but charity updates...

I'm not saying I won't/can't do it. I'm just saying I'll have to slide it into the blog in a sly way that will make people curious enough to click through to your blog. As opposed to one that will make them think, "Ah hell, another charity..."

Can I send you a real-world letter?

If you'd like to send me a real-world letter, here's the address to use.

Pat Rothfuss
P.O. BOX 186
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Can I email you?
Send me a message by filling out the form below. Note that this is a temporary form until the website reboot is live.

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